Bexar Grotto
Caving since 1983

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The Bexar Grotto has been a forum for cavers to meet in San Antonio, Texas since 1983. Join our friendly group of cavers for some great caving activities and muddy fun, including:

  • Exploration where we explore and map caves;
  • Karst Projects to discover new caves, like the ongoing karst projects at Government Canyon SNA and Hill Country SNA;
  • Events, such as the hugely popular Robber Baron Cave Open House;
  • Education with members frequently giving caving presentations, hosting informational booths and kiosks at events, and supporting field trips for schools and outdoor groups;
  • Conservation by assisting private landowners and government agencies in developing management plans for caves and karst.

Recent Activity

What Gear Do I Need?

So you’re going caving, but you don’t know what to bring. Fear not, you found our guide to basic caving equipment. Required At the minimum,

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